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ACNH: How to Cook with ACNH Items DIY Recipes | Guides & Tips


After the ACNH 2.0 update, players can cook delicious food by collecting Cooking DIY Recipes. This is a brand new game mechanic.

Animal Crossing New Horizons In addition to interacting with cute animal villagers, Animal Crossing Island Designs can also cook delicious food. Cooking is a new DIY mechanic released in the New Horizons 2.0 update on November 5, 2021. Players can now obtain recipes and make many different kinds of dishes for themselves and their villagers to enjoy in-game. After ACNH 2.0 update, ACNH Items For Sale is up to 9000+ , including Cooking DIY Recipes * 281. Cooking DIY Recipes, like other regular DIY Recipes, are obtained through simple tasks. Cooking materials can be purchased directly or obtained from produce grown by yourself.

Step 1: Visit Residential Services to become a Chef - ACNH

Visit Residential Services to become a Chef - ACNH

Go to Nook Stop, choose Redeem Nook Miles, then Be a Chef! DIY Recipes. Press A to confirm and it will cost you 2,000 Nook Miles. While the price may seem a little high, players can get a ton of recipes, drinks, and more from the bundle. Buy Animal Crossing Bells can buy a set of Cooking tools. In the later stage, by making various delicacies and selling them, you will also earn a lot of AC Bells in return. This is a favorable decision.

Step 2: Build the Kitchen - ACNH

Build the Kitchen - ACNH

DIY workbench can make Golden Shovel, Golden Axe, Golden Slingshot basic tools, and more. The Simple Basics have some uses, which you can buy from Nook's Cranny using Animal Crossing Bells if necessary. To make food and drinks, you need to build a kitchen. When you unlock Stonework Kitchen DIY Recipes, you need Stone*30, Clay*15, and Iron Nugget*10.

Step 3: Get Cooking DIY Recipes - ACNH

Where can I find Cooking DIY Recipes - Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Get Cooking DIY Recipes - ACNH

Daily Activities Get Cooking DIY Recipes

Recipes obtained from daily activities on the island may be regular DIY Recipes or Cooking DIY Recipes. To get the recipe you have in mind, you need to keep experimenting. This includes collecting crafting materials, fishing, finding Bottles, and shooting down balloons. When your island materials are insufficient, you can also fly to the mysterious island with Nook Miles Tickets to get materials.

Obtain cooking DIY Recipes from NPC villagers

Players can get DIY recipes for different foods from villagers like Brewster or Daisy Mae.

Order from Nook's Cranny with ACNH Bells

The Basic Cooking Recipes pack is sold at Nook's Cranny for 4,980 Bells.

If you want to grow your produce, you can buy seeds like carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, sugar cane, tomatoes, and wheat from Leif.

What's the use of cooking food in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Sold at Nook's Cranny Shop

While most foods are relatively simple to prepare, some of them can be sold at exorbitant prices. You can get an ACNH Bells from Timmy and Tommy.

Relieve fatigue

When we get tired from wandering around the island, we need apples, pears, cherries, or tomatoes to replenish our energy. After eating the food, we can continue the island exploration activities. If your backpack doesn't have items to replenish your stamina, Cheap ACNH Items provide any fruit you need. When you successfully make food, food can also quickly replenish physical strength.

Gourmet decoration

Different cooking dishes can make different dishes. When the player can cook some great-looking dishes they can be displayed. This can add to the ambiance rating of an island kitchen space.

As a gift to animal villagers

Step into the island every day and talk to the animal villagers you encounter. Select the option to send gifts to each other. Give the cooked food to each other. This can increase friendships with each other, so longer sentences stay on your island.

Although you can't enjoy the food in New Horizons of Animals, you can save a picture of the food you cook to share with the forum players. It is difficult to get all the cooking DIY recipes at once. If you can't participate in the whole process, you can choose Acbellsbuy to buy the All 2.0 Cooking DIY recipe. 10% OFF on site to get more ACNH Items than usual purchases. Buy Animal Crossing Items will provide item support for player island upgrades, ACNH Shop upgrades, and Cooking Cooking DIY Recipes collection.