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ACNH Guide List About Animal Crossing March Events


In March, in addition to catching specific bugs, fish, and sea creatures, players also have a Bunny Day, a KK concert, Daisy Mae to buy Turnips, and a CJ Fishing Tourney.

After ACNH Update. According to ACNH Guide, we can catch Fish, Bugs, and Deep-sea creatures to populate our islands. As a starter, our island has nothing. If you have a catch plan, be aware that the animals you catch will vary from month to month and time to time. After the cold winter, we usher in a warm March. This time will bring other more interesting events in March.

Bunny Day - DIY Recipes and  ACNH Items

Event dates: March 28 to April 4

Bunny Day

The official Bunny Day is set for April 4th. Unlike other events, Bunny Day is preceded by a preparation week. This means that starting from March 28, you can pick up colored eggs on the islands.  As soon as the event starts, eggs will start appearing on the island. There are a total of Leaf Eggs, Sky Eggs, Water Eggs, Stone Eggs, Wood Eggs, and Earth Eggs available to collect on the island. To get all the eggs, you need to pop balloons hanging in the sky, fish, hit rocks, dig star signs and shake trees. To get eggs hidden in the ground or underwater, you will need certain tools, such as a shovel and fishing rod. Make sure to prepare them in advance.

On the first day, Zipper will appear on the player's island. Talk to Zipper, and you'll get a Bunny Day Bed DIY Recipe. If you miss Zipper, the recipe will arrive by mail the next day. Once you've collected a certain number of eggs, you can learn unique DIY Recipes for hats, dresses, and shoes featuring each egg. Among them, Bunny Day bed, Bunny Day arch, Wobbling Zipper toy, and Bunny Day wand can only be obtained from Zipper himself. Complete Zipper's quests, and you'll get these four rare DIY Recipes.

Get New Songs From K.K. Slider Every Saturday

k.k. slider wiki

KK Slider knew as KK or DJ KK. He is a famous musician.  He has a handy guitar and can play and sing 55 songs. But some songs are only available by request from KK Slider. To invite KK Slider to your island, you need to raise your island rating to ★3.

The island rating needs to be gradually improved. First, you need to create campsites and increase the number of tourists on the island. When your island gains 8 inhabitants, the island rating becomes ★2. Then improve the overall impression of your island by removing weeds and trash, gardening with fences and flowers, placing exterior furniture, and more. This will increase your island rating to ★3. Wait 1 day after reaching ★3 at the end. You can then invite KK Slider to your island. KK Slider will start visiting your island plaza every Saturday.

Buy Turnips From Daisy Mae On Sunday

Appearance: Sunday 5 Am to 11:59 Am

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae specializes in selling turnips. there is no other way to get turnips in the game. Your island where Daisy Mae will come after building Nook's Cranny. Daisy Mae is not affected by the weather. By noon. Daisy Mae will leave on time.

The turnips that have been purchased cannot be commonly stored. If you have purchased turnips, please sell them in time.  Because over time, your turnips will rot. The only real function of radishes is to sell for money. The price of turnips changes every day. Pick the right time to sell turnips, and you'll get plenty of ACNH Bells.

Fishing Tourney Every 3rd Saturday

Event Date: March 19, 2022

Fishing Tourney

CJ is the host of the Fishing Tourney. He will come to your island at a certain time to host a tournament. Walk up to CJ, and CJ will give you a fishing quest. Complete his mission and win the game. Players can earn points by fishing, and the points can be exchanged for fishing items. The highest points earned can earn three trophies.

Nook Shopping exclusive items for March

Some items in the Nook Shopping app are only available for order within a certain time, so if you miss them, you'll have to time travel or wait a full year to return. If you're a perfectionist who wants a variety of furniture, clothing, and merchandise, keep an eye out for limited-time items on the Nook Shopping app.

March 10-17: Shamrock Hat, Rug, Shoes, Suit, Wand, Doorplate, Sunglasses, and Soda

March 26-April 1: Whoopee Cushion