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ACNH Grape Harvest Festival - New Items, Colors, Prices - Animal Crossing


The ACNH Grape Harvest Festival is a new event that only started in September. Throughout September, you'll have access to seasonal items.

Description of Grape Harvest Festival

Grape Harvest Festival

While the ACNH Grape Harvest Festival is the first small event program of the fall event, you should also know all about this program. The event mainly revolves around grape items, including Grape Dress, Grape Hat, Grape Umbrella, Grape-Harvest Basket, Canned Grape Juice, and Twelve-Grape Dish. It has to be said that Nintendo’s inspiration for game festivals comes from the customs and customs of all over the world. This is great! Each ACNH Festivale in the game is unique.

Nintendo respects every Festivale ACNH and has this to say about the Grape Harvest Festival introduction: "Inspired by festivities in Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, this fun festival sees participants don traditional garb for dancing and a large parade to celebrate the grape harvest. Please enjoy your ceremonial basket!”

How to Get Grape-Harvest Basket - Prices and Colors

The Grape-Harvest Basket is a bag item introduced by Festivale Animal Crossing in the 1.4.0 Summer Update. Throughout September, you can get a Grape-Harvest Basket from Nook Shopping for 800 Animal Crossing Bells. Timmy and Tommy will only give you 200 AC Bells if you want to sell them. Grape-Harvest Basket has no optional seriousness.

Canned Grape Juice and Grape Dress image

List of grape-related items in New Horizons:

Canned Grape Juice: Canned Grape Juice is a drink that players can drink. Just like island fruit, it can provide players with supplementary stamina. Canned Grape Juice is available from Redd's Raffle (Harv's Island) for 500 Animal Crossing Bells. Nook's Cranny will give you 150 ACNH Bells if you choose to sell. There are no customization options for Canned Grape Juice, but you can choose from purple or white.

Grape Dress: The Grape Dress is a dress-up item in Animal Crossing Items. You have a chance to get it from Able Sisters for 1,500 Bells. Sell it and you'll only get to 375 ACNH Bells. This dress is perfect for Fairy Tale / Party / Theatrical themes. It has Purple and Green, I prefer purple.

Grape Hat: The Grape Hat is the headgear in New Horizons. You can get it from the Able Sisters shop for 700 Animal Crossing Bells. Sell it and you can get 175 ACNH Bells. The island store will be available in purple and green. I think purple is cuter. With Grape Hat, I can go to Fairy Tale/Party/Theatrical-themed parties.

Grape Umbrella: The upgraded Nook's Cranny will sell Grape Umbrella for 1,550 Bells. At the same time, Nook's Cranny will pay 387 ACNH Bells to recycle it. You have Purple and Green colors to choose from. Both colors are beautiful.

Grape-Harvest Basket: The Grape-Harvest Basket is the staple of the Grape Harvest Festival. During the event, you can buy it at Nook Shopping.

Twelve-Grape Dish: Twelve-Grape Dish, like Canned Grape Juice, provides energy to the player by eating it. Because it can provide players with energy points, it can be purchased for up to 1,200 Animal Crossing Bells and sold for only 300 ACNH Bells. Because of its rarity, you can only get it from Nook Shopping. Because Twelve-Grape Dish is a miscellaneous furniture item, it is perfect for Living Room/Party themed parties.

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