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ACNH August To-Do List | Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)


Animal Crossing New Horizons August will feature new events, new bugs, August sea creatures, fossils, new furniture items, and even animal villager birthdays. Read carefully for full information.

List of Contents

August Events

August Items

August DIY Recipes

August bug list and new bugs in August

August fish list and new fish that will arrive in August and fish that will leave after August

List of Sea Creatures in August and Sea Creatures That Will Leave After August

August animal villagers' birthday


August Events- Animal Crossing New Horizons

1, Fireworks Show: Events are scheduled for Every Sunday in August.

The date is August 1, August 8, August 15, August 22, and August 29. The fireworks at night are very spectacular, especially suitable for taking pictures. Participate in the event for a chance to win various prizes.

2, Flick's Bug-Off (Northern Hemipshere): The time is set for August 28.

Catch as many bugs as possible with the catch net to redeem rewards.

August Special Items - Animal Crossing

1. Cowboy Festival: The event runs from July 15th to August 15th. The Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On is available at Nook Shopping.

2. Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day: August 5th to August 14th is the time to get items. Celebrate a special holiday by donning an outfit from a fabulous interstellar lover.

3. Obon: The time to obtain items is August 10 to August 16.

August DIY Recipes - ACNH

1. Snowflake Season (Southern Hemipshere): Get items from June 11 to August 24. The weather is finally warming up! Catch Snowflakes and make Snowboys until the 24th! Also, collect exclusive DIY Recipes for the season!

2. Young Spring Bamboo Season (Southern Hemipshere): Spring has sprung! Harvest Young Spring Bamboo from bamboo, And collect exclusive DIY Recipes for the season!

3. Summer Shell Season (Northern Hemisphere): With the cooler months coming soon, collect Summer Shells and DIY Recipes until the 31st!

ALL Bugs - Animal Crossing New Horizons for August

ALL Bugs - Animal Crossing New Horizons for August image

Bugs Arriving in August (Southern Hemisphere): Tiger Beetle.

List Bugs in August - Southern Hemisphere: Tiger Butterfly, Common Bluebottle, Paper Kite Butterfly, Great Purple Emperor, Emperor Butterfly, Agrias Butterfly, Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Moth, Atlas Moth, Madagascan Sunset Moth, Long Locust, Migratory Locust, Rice Grasshopper, Grasshopper, Orchid Mantis, Mantis, Wasp, Brown Cicada, Robust Cicada, Giant Cicada, Stinkbug, Giant Water Bug, Diving Beetle, Walker Cicada, Evening Cicada, Cicada Shell, Darner Dragonfly, Pondskater, Banded Dragonfly, Man- Faced Stink Bug, Rosalia Batesi Beetle, Earth-Boring Dung Beetle, Drone Beetle, Tiger Beetle, Goliath Beetle, Scarab Beetle, Citrus Long-Horned Beetle, Jewel Beetle, Blue Weevil Beetle, Saw Stag, Horned Dynastid, Giant Stag, Rainbow Stag, Miyama Stag, Cyclommatus Stag, Golden Stag, Giraffe Stag, Horned Atlas, Horned Elephant, Horned Hercules, Walking Stick, Walking Leaf, Bagworm, Ant, Hermit Crab, Wharf Roach, Fly, Mosquito, Scorpion, Flea, Snail, Spider.

Bugs Arriving in August (Northern Hemisphere): Migratory Locust, Rice Grasshopper, Walker Cicada.

List Bugs in August - Northern Hemisphere: Common Butterfly, Moth, Damselfly, Mole Cricket, Paper Kite Butterfly, Wasp, Tiger Beetle, Citrus Long-Horned Beetle, Emperor Butterfly, Dung Beetle, Bagworm, Spider, Rajah Brooke's Birdwing, Ant, Centipede, Pill Bug, Snail, Hermit Crab, Fly, Wharf Roach, Tarantula.

ALL Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing - August's Animal Crossing New Horizons

ALL Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing image

Fish Arriving in August (Northern Hemisphere): Soft-Shelled Turtle, Moray Eel, Ray.

Fish Leaving in August New Horizons: Killifish, Frog, Giant Snakehead, Napoleonfish, Squid.

List Fish in August - Northern Hemisphere: Asss, Pale Chub, Pop-Eyed Goldfish, Ranchu Goldfish, Killifish, Crucian Carp, Soft-Shelled Turtle, Crawfish, Koi, Dace, Carp, Goldfish, Snapping Turtle, Guppy, Sweetfish, Tilapia, Frog, Black Bass, Bluegill, Giant Snakehead, Freshwater Goby, Catfish, Nibble Fish, Angelfish, Betta, Neon Tetra, Saddled Bichir, Piranha, Clownfish, Rainbowfish, Surgeonfish, Seahorse, Arapaima, Gar, Dorado, Arowana, Butterfly Fish, Squid, Olive Flounder, Red Snapper, Napoleonfish, Sea Bass, Barred Knifejaw, Horse Mackerel, Zebra Turkeyfish, Anchovy, Puffer Fish, Moray Eel, Ribbon Eel, Blue Marlin, Giant Trevally, Saw Shark, Mahi-Mahi, Coelacanth, Barreleye, Suckerfish, Ocean Sunfish, Whale Shark, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Ray.

List Fish in August - Southern Hemisphere

Fish Leaving in August New Horizons: Pond Smelt, Blowfish.

Bitterling, Bluegill, Freshwater Goby, Ranchu Goldfish, Pale Chub, Pop-Eyed Goldfish, Goldfish, Koi, Crucian Carp, Carp, Dace, Yellow Perch, Tuna, Squid, Dab, Pond Smelt, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Blowfish, Stringfish, Sea Butterfly, Sturgeon, Blue Marlin, Coelacanth, Barreleye, Oarfish, Football Fish.

ALL Sea Creatures - Animal Crossing New Horizons for August

ALL Sea Creatures - Animal Crossing New Horizons for August image

Sea Creatures Leaving in August - Southern Hemisphere: Oyster, Sea Pig, Sweet Shrimp, Venus' Flower Basket.

List Sea Creatures in August - Southern Hemisphere: Sea Grapes, Sea Star, Sea Urchin, Slate Pencil Urchin, Sea Anemone, Moon Jellyfish, Sea Slug, Pearl Oyster, Mussel, Scallop, Whelk, Abalone, Gigas Giant Clam, Octopus, Vampire Squid, Gazami Crab, Acorn Barnacle, Tiger Prawn, Mantis Shrimp, Giant Isopod, Horseshoe Crab, Sea Pineapple, Spotted Garden Eel, Flatworm.

Sea Creatures Leaving in August - Northern Hemisphere: Sea, Vampire.

List Sea Creatures in August - Northern Hemisphere: Seaweed, Sea Cucumber, Sea Pig, Sea Star, Sea Anemone, Sea Slug, Pearl Oyster, Oyster, Scallop, Whelk, Octopus, Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, Red King Crab, Acorn Barnacle, Sweet Shrimp, Mantis Shrimp, Venus' Flower Basket.

All List of Animal Crossing New Horizons August Birthdays

All List of Animal Crossing New Horizons August Birthdays image

Kid Cat – August 1

Vladimir – August 2

Bones – August 4

Poppy – August 5

Bud – August 8

Gigi – August 11

Tabby – August 13

Rod – August 14

Wendy – August 15

Rocco – August 18

Alice – August 19

Wart Jr. – August 21

Rolf – August 22

Nana – August 23

Rowan – August 26

Chrissy – August 29

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