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ACNH 2 may take some inspiration from Pokémon's Home | Animal Crossing's new series


Great gameplay will be added to the next Animal Crossing game after New Horizons. Pokémon Home is getting a lot of heat.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update introduced so many new features and updates, but many have gone under the radar. Use ACNH Items wisely, and you will find that New Horizons is like a treasure that can never be dug up. In the game, the best ACNH items will be added to the Nooklink app. As long as you want, it can help our players to keep abreast of the events and dynamics of their island at any time. To enter the island. First, you need to determine the overall landscape of the island. how to design your island entrance in Animal Crossing? First, determine the island style, then choose the island to decorate your home with. Before entering the island, during the flight, you can see the whole picture of the island at a glance. The overall tone of the island requires harmony.

A future ACNH 2 will take cues from the most popular game and once again bring a brand new update. The Animal Crossing game that follows New Horizons could greatly benefit from taking some ideas from Pokémon Home. Pokémon Home is the successor to Pokémon Bank. Home offers players a way to keep their precious Pokémon from past games safe and move them into any future games that They're obtainable in. Although New Horizons doesn't have a big update like the one in November 2021. With the 2.0 update, With the addition of features like DIY recipes and terraforming, New Horizons opened the way for players to customize their islands.

ACNH 2 - Amiibo Card Features

Amiibo Card Features

New Horizons and Pokémon games also share similarities in gameplay. This is similar to Animal Crossing games, where a handful of villagers from past games don't return in the series' newest installments. Villagers who do return have to be found all over again, no matter how difficult it was for players to find them before. The most basic feature an Animal Crossing version of Pokémon Home should use is storage and transfer. With over 400 villagers across the Animal Crossing series as of New Horizons, it isn't a far stretch to compare villagers to Pokémon. This would also explain the success of the Animal Crossing Amiibo card line. ACNH 2 requires this feature.

ACNH 2 - DIY Recipes

DIY Recipes

Another collection players should be able to carry over from New Horizons into new Animal Crossing titles is their DIY recipes. Crafting items is a huge addition to New Horizons, and its structure formed the basis for the highly anticipated cooking feature added in the 2.0 update. Crafting feels like it can make a return in future Animal Crossing games considering how much creative expression it gives to players, and if the next game in the series builds directly off of New Horizons, it would be nice if known recipes could be remembered.

ACNH 2 - Interactivity with Villagers

Interactivity with Villagers

If players could interact with their villagers in some way, it would make the application's cost, whatever that may be, seem more reasonable. It would also make the application more relevant overall, whereas players don't have much reason to check in on Pokémon Home unless they're in the process of trading or transferring. Even if it was just one little room for each villager, players could use the furniture and DIY recipes they've stored to decorate in Animal Crossing's Home equivalent. Villagers may even sometimes have requests for the player, similar to how they request DIY items when visiting players' campsites in New Horizons.

Of course, these new features are speculation waiting to be confirmed. No matter what happens next. Entering New Horizons Island, you will first face Animal Crossing Isabelle. Isabelle at the service window reads the newspaper or sleeps in her spare time. When you talk to her, she will gently introduce you to what is happening on the island. When you're bored, you can also visit the ACNH shop on the island, Nook's Cranny, Able Sisters, and Nook Stop are all good options.

Of course, if you also want to grow vegetables on the island. Good Tips for you. I recommend tomato or squash. Tomato seeds or pumpkin seeds you need to get ahead of time. After successful planting, the harvested fruits can not only be used to replenish their spiritual power but also to better mine fossils or money trees. It's also a great way to get Nook Mile Goals. Do you expect a 2.0 Update in ACNH? Don't forget to buy new Animal Crossing New Horizons items from Acbellsbuy. Acbellsbuy coupon can get you 10% OFF. Currently, in the range of activities, join now!