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​ACBellsBuy updated the service requirements of Animal Crossing this week


With the continuous update of Animal Crossing, ACBellsBuy is gradually improving our services. As we all know, Animal Crossing updated version 1.9 this week, and the ACBellsBuy team did two big things this week.

ACNH Island Designs pictures

The first is to follow the update of the game version and introduce new Animal Crossing products. We have always insisted on following the official footsteps to serve players. In the coming March to April, whether it is new seasonal products or upcoming events, you can get the complete Animal Crossing Items at acbellsbuy.com to help you save more time and enjoy the fun of the game.

ACNH Island Designs pictures 1

Secondly, the ACBellsBuy team updated the ACNH Island Designs products in terms of island design, including Chinese style, Japanese style, European and American style and other styles of island design products. You can choose a satisfactory island-style according to your island terrain. We support instant delivery, fast delivery, and support 24/7 online service.