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​ACBellsBuy takes you to know in advance how Animal Crossing's Mario Warp Pipes works


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Mario update will arrive this Thursday and February 25th. You will notice a very eye-catching warp pipe, which can help you travel quickly between two points on the island, Switch The life sim card will also add a series of Mushroom Kingdom furniture and clothing.

Mario version items

Mushroom Kingdom products will also be sold at Nook Shopping but may have to wait until March 1 to purchase. You need to buy a pair of warp pipes from Nook Shopping and place them in two different locations on the island. Once the two pipes are set up, you can jump into one of them to quickly move between the two positions. Interestingly, you can place one of the warp pipes in your house, which can also be used. Before use, you also need to ensure that there is enough landing space around the pipe. Because they will randomly choose the position of the bend.

Mario version items 1

Animal Crossing's Mario update after this week's update, you will be able to get a Mario product early. After installing the latest update, you will receive a Mario-themed wallpaper in your mailbox. In addition to Mario furniture and clothing, this update will usher in the March holidays such as Shamrock Day, Pi Day, and the Hinamatsuri festival. You will also find some new seasonal items in the game.

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