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ACBellsBuy selects the most valuable items for players from 9000+ ACNH items


There are more than 9,000 kinds of animals crossing new horizons, and ACBellsBuy has done the most comprehensive data screening for players.

Number 1: bells

If you know the game Animal Crossing New Horizons, you must know the role bells play in the game. In short, bells are the most basic and most important currency in circulation. The minimum denomination of Bells is 100. With bells, you can buy beautiful clothes from the Able Sisters Shop run by Mabel and Sabel. Purchase seeds and furniture from Nook's Cranny. In addition, the task of building ramps and bridges started at the Resident Service Center.

Digging for shining spots and shaking trees are both ways to live bells. Bells obtained through different channels will be automatically added to the player's wallet. Bells have a dedicated storage channel that will not occupy the player's backpack capacity. To share with you secretly, one of my favorite things at the end of 2021 is to Buy ACNH Bells to fill my wallet.


Number 2: Shino

Shino is a milky white deer with a pink nose, cute little fangs, and golden hoofs. Shino's appearance is very charming. Her eye shadows and eyebrows have lengthened her eyebrows. Two red horns protruded from her forehead. If you also yearn for happiness, it is a simple matter to be friends with Shino, who has a lively character.

Shino is wearing a light green Morning-Glory Yukata. According to the game's storyline, Shino will move to the player's island after the villager's house development task is over. The magic is that Shino's house contains furniture that cannot be made. Match with rare furniture. I will buy some artwork, such as my favorite: Twinkling Painting.


Number 3: All 2.0 Recipes

There are 281 DIY recipes in total. DIY recipes are a kind of craftsman in New Horizons. You can use the collected materials to make recipes on the DIY workbench. At Nook's Cranny, you can also buy some recipes. In addition to purchasing services, Nook's Cranny also provides sales services. DIY recipes can be sold to Timmy & Tommy for 200 bells. The fragile tools we need in island activities can also be obtained through Buy ACNH Bells.

Recipes and Ceiling Decor

Number 4: All 2.0 Ceiling Decor

There are a total of 419 ceiling decorations. Various lighting and decorations that players can unlock. Thereby hanging from the ceiling to increase the depth of its design and create lighting effects. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 introduces many new decorative features and items, allowing players to customize their walls and ceilings more than ever. Ceiling objects include lights, shelves, chandeliers, and even signboards, providing players with more choices and turning their interior design visions into reality.

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