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ACbellsBuy launches 6.18 mid-carnival event


Animal Crossing New Horizons developed by Nintendo has brought a grand carnival to players who cannot go out at home in the world, in order to let more users better experience the fun of the game, and to let more users know us The website, ACbellsBuy once again made a huge discount campaign to make ACNH players more crazy.

The ACbellsBuy platform once again launches huge discounts for players, no matter what way you enter our website, from now on, all players who use the coupon code "ACbellsBuy" (words regardless of case) to buy any products of Animal Crossing on our website, Including Animal Crossing Bells, ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, and Animal Crossing Items, all can enjoy 3% off.

Hot Sale

Players who Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets can directly enjoy the discount, up to 60% off. It is equivalent to folding up! Of course, this is not all activities, there are even bigger surprises waiting for you to discover.

Due to the greater intensity of this event, taking into account the player's precious game time, we will increase the number of customer service, increase delivery efforts, and at the same time strengthen the server space, so that players can enjoy shopping.