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​ACbellsbuy almost pays the player's mortgage


When players first enter the game, they always need a house to settle on the desert island, but this is only the beginning of consumption, and it is not a small amount. Because it takes a long time to have a home loan, there will be no plans to expand the house.

The difference between New Horizons and other games is that it has two currencies: one is the traditional Animal Crossing Bells, and the other is Nook Miles. Bells still play an indispensable role, especially in paying off home loans, buying clothing, and building infrastructure. The first payment for the house can be made in Nook Miles, and Bells is used for the rest.

You can get Animal Crossing Bells by selling caught bugs and fish, selling fruits in exchange for materials that enrich your island, and adding some furniture. Catching spiders and sharks is also common, but for a novice player, this method is not desirable, because high income means high risk.

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