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A list of 18 Christmas ornaments are on ACBellsBuy


In addition to the Christmas tree during the Christmas event, there are also a lot of Christmas ornaments. There is always an accessory that you want to take home and collect immediately.

Christmas players usually put evergreen plants such as pine trees in the house or outdoors. It is decorated with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. Just like choosing to Buy ACNH Bells, it has become one of my habits. ACNH Bells can meet most of my purchasing needs. To add beauty, a star will be placed on the top of the tree. This is a habit, whether in or out of the game.

A complete list of 18 Christmas ornaments DIY recipes:

Big Festive Tree, Festive Rug, Festive Top Set, Festive Tree, Giant Ornament, Holiday Candle, Illuminated Present, Illuminated Reindeer, Illuminated Snowflakes, Illuminated Tree, Jingle Wall, Ornament Crown, Ornament Garland, Ornament Mobile, Ornament Table Lamp, Ornament Table Lamp, Ornament Wreath, Tabletop Festive Tree.

My favorite Christmas ornament in the picture below is Holiday Candle. This is the first choice to create a romantic atmosphere. To successfully manufacture Holiday Candle requires:

Red Ornaments*5


Christmas ornaments 1

My favorite Christmas ornaments in the picture below are Illuminated Snowflakes. Snowflakes are gifts from the sky. If you like winter, flakes of snowflakes are indispensable. To successfully manufacture Illuminated Snowflakes requires:

Blue Ornaments*9

Iron Nuggets*3

Christmas ornaments 2

My favorite Christmas ornament in the picture below is Ornament Garland. If your garden is large enough, then Ornament Garland, please take it home immediately. To successfully manufacture Ornament Garland requires:

Red Ornaments*2

Blue Ornaments*2

Gold Ornaments*2

Iron Nuggets*5

Christmas ornaments 3

Every time there is a different holiday, ACBellsBuy will put on different holiday items. Christmas ornaments, as one of the important elements of Christmas, are ornaments that are not available on all players' islands.


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