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7 ways to get wildest dreams DIY in ACNH


The DIY recipe is a kind of crafting skill in the new horizon of Animal Crossing. Players first need to obtain and learn DIY recipes, and then they can make a variety of materials or furniture on the DIY dedicated workbench. DIY recipes are the most important part of island design. We at ACBellsBuy.com will provide full service. You can ask any questions about ACNH Island Designs, ACNH Bells, ACNH Items, and Nook Miles Tickets. Ask your question. You will get our professional reply.

How to get DIY recipes

1. Shoot down air balloons. First, you need a handy slingshot. The best is a golden slingshot.

2. Check mailbox correspondence. Best to check once a day.

3. Actively participate in island activities. This is one of the friendliest ways to get DIY for beginners' animal crossing.

4. Redeem Nook Miles through Nook Stop, and you can also get randomly when you fly to the mysterious island.

5. Talk to the chef in the restaurant or the villagers who know how to cook. This is one of the ways to get wildest dreams DIY animal crossing. The success rate is high.

6. There is a bottle every day by the sea. Generally speaking, there is a letter and DIY recipes in it. DIY recipes will change randomly.

7. At Nook's Cranny, you can not only buy simple tools such as axes, shovels, and fishing rods, but also some recipes. But only a small part. Repeated DIY recipes collected by players can also be sold to Timmy & Tommy for 200 bells.

Before version 2.0, ACNH DIY could only be placed on island clearing. Since update 2.0, you can put DIY recipes cards in storage. Easy to use, sell or give away. DIY recipes are the same as any other items in the game. Press x to open the backpack, press the plus button to confirm, and this step is complete. Acbellsbuy also provides the wildest dreams DIY ACNH service. ACNH all DIY is one of them. Browse carefully. you will find many surprises. ACNH Items has more exquisite items. Choose Buy Animal Crossing Gold and put it in your backpack, which can be given to the villagers you like.