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​2021 Animal Crossing Bunny Day preparations have begun


With the coming of Easter, the Animal Crossing Bunny Day is about to begin. This celebration method is to prepare for the event by hiding eggs in advance. For those players who were dissatisfied with last year's Bunny Day activities, perhaps this year will take into account player's feedback to make improvements to make the Bunny Day more interesting and improve player satisfaction.

Bunny Day

Bunny Day is the first game of Animal Crossing this year. Eggs are hidden on the player island, where available resources are usually found and replaced, thereby reducing the number of available resources and frustrating frustrated Animal Crossing gamers. The eggs themselves were used to make most of the useless and untimely items, and the entire event spoiled the more popular and short-lived cherry blossom season.

This year's Bunny Day will be celebrated with Easter on April 4, but New Horizons players have to hide eggs on the island one week in advance. Players may find eggs as early as March 28, and the number may be less than last year Much.

Bunny Day 1

In addition to the traditional egg-breaking activities, this year's Bunny Day does not have any more details, although these eggs are likely to be used as activity currency or materials again, whether it is used to make objects or complete goals, it remains to be further developed.

Although we currently cannot know whether Nintendo has learned from its sluggish performance and player response, we still hope that Bunny Day will turn it into a new spring. ACBellsBuy has updated the items related to the Bunny Day. Players can choose ACNH Items according to their needs. Let us look forward to the arrival of the Bunny Day.