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2020 New Year's Eve -Animal Crossing The Most Complete Guide


With the approach of 2021, starting at 5 am on December 31, the Resident Services Department will be closed, Isabelle and Tom Nook will stand on the square to set up a countdown celebration, and there will be With a huge countdown clock, prizes, gifts, etc., this celebration will last all day.

Isabelle will also wish players a Happy New Year in the daily announcement on January 1. Although players cannot share their decisions with villagers, this is a holiday dialogue worth trying. Players should talk to Isabelle before the final countdown starts (until 10 seconds at midnight) to receive a glow stick from her, which they can wave to greet the 2021 bell.


When the player talks to Tom Nook for the first time, he will give them Five Party Poppers for free and ask them if they want to buy other things. Players can buy additional Five Party Poppers for 300 bells, or buy New Year hats/silk hats for 500 bells each. These can be given to villagers for the countdown, but this is not necessary.

Starting December 27th, New Horizons players can get four special New Year's Eve items in their NookPhone or the Nook Shopping app in the resident kiosk. When the player presses A, they can hold the sparkling cider and use it to toast. The other three types of food-New Year noodles, Berlin and twelve kinds of grapes and vegetables-are time-limited. These items cannot be classified and can only be purchased through Nook Shopping before December 31.

New Horizons on December 31 is the same as usual. But at 11 p.m., the villagers will begin to gather in the square, the countdown will start 10 seconds in the middle of the night, until the end of the year, the fireworks will fly in the sky. The fireworks show is from 12 am to 2 am, and players can stay up late to watch and take photos of the snow-covered island under the lights.

The New Year's decorations will not end before the countdown event, but players can always buy balloons from Nook's Crany to accompany their 2021Celebratory Arch furniture to maintain the festive atmosphere at the beginning of the new year. ACBellsBuy has added new year's items, you don't have to worry about what you will miss, players can buy them at any time according to their needs. Read More: https://www.acbellsbuy.com/