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May 2022 International Museum Day & Guides & Tips | Animal Crossing New Horizons


International Museum Day is one of Animal Crossing New Horizons' May events. The event lasted for half a month. Rewards can be obtained by completing stamp collecting tasks.

The Museum is a building in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Everything you donate will be displayed here. Including ACNH Fish, ACNH Bug, ACNH Fossil, ACNH Artwork, ACNH Sculpture, and more. The origin of International Museum Day is to commemorate a great man in the real world. The event runs from May 18th to May 31st, hosted by Blathers. Blathers is a male owl who works as a museum curator. With a green bow around his neck, he is very elegant and gentlemanly. He also carries a book with him, which is very wise. He can tell the truth about everything you donate.

Blathers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to participate in International Museum Day ACNH?

When the event officially begins, Isabelle will announce in the morning to share news of the philatelic rally on behalf of the Blathers! Not all players can participate in International Museum Day. The event will not be available until at least one day after the island player's museum has been completed or the museum has been renovated with an added art gallery. To participate, you need to go to the museum during the event and talk to Blathers, who will tell you that Museum Day is in progress. According to the rules of the event, you need to go to the Art, Bug, Fossil, and Fish galleries to find the stamp station location.

The stamp station is yellow overall with an owl logo on it, making it easy to spot. When you arrive at the stamp station, take out your stamp card and press A stamp. The location of the stamp station is different for each gallery, and you need to explore each gallery carefully. There are a minimum of 3 stamp stations per gallery, and there may be more. According to the latest official reply, the international museum time will not change in the next few years. According to the previous stamp station locations, the 2022 stamp station locations may be in the following places.

Art Gallery: Sculpture Exhibit, Art from the West, Art from the East.

Bug Gallery: Coconut Corner, Shady Path, Giant Tree, Hiding Bugs, The Lab.

Fish Gallery: The Coast, The Pond, Headwaters, Serenity Tank, Abyss.

Fossil Gallery: Cenozoic, Synapsids, Pterosaurs, Aquatic Reptiles, Extinction Spot.

May 2022 International Museum Day in ACNH

We can participate in the stamp collection every day, but the stamp station will be in a different location every day. When you have collected all three stamps in the gallery, it is recommended to return to Blathers immediately to get the reward: a plaque based on the gallery associated with the completed card.

How to use International Museum Day Rewards at ACNH?

There are also unique rewards available on the first day of the event, including Fish Plaque, Bug Plaque, Fossil Plaque, and Art Plaque. Stamp rallies can be repeated during the event, and Blathers will once again reward players with prizes. After completing the philatelic quest, the items obtained by participating again the next day will be duplicated.  You can go to Nook's Cranny to find Timmy or Tommy to sell the duplicate Plaque rewards. You can get 2500 Animal Crossing Bells per Plaque. For smooth gameplay, the more Buy Animal Crossing Bells, the better. Use AC Bells to buy wallpaper, watering cans, fashion dresses, and more at Nook's Cranny and ABLE Sister.

Go to Nook Shopping every day, and you'll find rare items for sale. If you come across a cute animal neighbor, you can also give the prize as a gift to the neighbor. There are no restrictions on what to give to neighbors. If not inspired, go to Acbellsbuy and choose ACNH Items For Sale. Animal Crossing Items contains 316 Museum Collections. Obtaining all Museum Collections is the goal of most New Horizons players.