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Animal crossing villagers were found on the Mystery island


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has nearly 300 different villagers who can migrate to the player’s island. Eight different personalities and 35 species. Due to differences in personality, you may encounter villagers with different characteristics.

In order to find the most satisfied Animal Crossing villagers. Many players will use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the mysterious island to find villagers, but Raymond and Marshall may not always be there.

There are many ways to meet villagers and become neighbors, but the most direct way for players to deal with it is the mysterious island. Once the player island allows us enough, Tom Nook will ask the player to create a house for the villagers who will live in.

After the house is built, the player can use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the mysterious island randomly. From the moment the open space on the island opens to the moment the residents decide to evacuate, the mysterious island will become a new home for the villagers.

Animal Crossing villagers can appear on the mysterious island at any time of the year. Although there are a large number of villagers to choose from, the animals that cross each player’s island can only accommodate up to 10 residents.

There are more or less opportunities for certain personalities or species to appear at any particular time or date. Those looking for specific villagers will be at the mercy of random number generators. In the hours-long search, this randomness unknowingly turned to the villagers who were most widely used in animal crossing.

Once a stranger is found on the mysterious island and invited to relocate, there will be no villagers on the mysterious island until the location is released again. Although it can be frustrating for players to find a character they like, sometimes the mysterious island can also bring surprises.