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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How to Obtain Acorns and Pine Cones?


Animal Crossing: New Horizons will also bring new seasonal DIY recipes and material collections in every update season. There are three different recipes in the fall, and many different resources can be found throughout the season. From the first day of autumn, Acorns and Pine Cones as the first material combination also appeared immediately.

You can find Acorns and Pine Cones and related recipes throughout the season. This is how to get materials and DIY.

Pine cone

To find Acorns and Pine Cones, you need to shake the tree once a day in the fall. Acorns fall from hardwood trees (trees that look like fruit trees but do not bear fruit), and Pine Cones fall from cedar trees. You need a healthy blend of two types to find Acorns and Pine Cones to the maximum. Please note that because five wasps nests are falling from random trees every day, causing wasp attacks-please to keep a net when shaking so that you can easily catch wasps and avoid stings.

Both materials are relatively rare, and you may only get one of them every day. If you want to try to get more tickets every day, you can use Nook Miles Tickets to go to mysterious islands, because Acorns and Pine Cones will also fall on these islands.

The Acorns and Pine Cones in the three autumn DIY recipes make up the initial settings, and you can find them throughout the season. Finding these foods is very time-consuming. If you are not patient enough, you can follow our Animal Crossing Items page of ACBellsBuy, where you can find any item at very low prices, which will save you a lot of time.

Here are all Acorns and pine cone recipes you can find throughout the fall. Please note that this list does not include bounty trees for trees or bounty arches for trees, because although they require Acorns and Pine Cones, they can only be found during the 10-day maple season at the end of autumn.

Bounty tree

Tree bounty phone

Bounty lights on the tree

Traditional balance toys

Bunch of leaves

Yellow leaf pile

Ye Bonfire

Acorns bag

Pine Bonsai Tree