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​Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Heart Crystal At Wedding Day Events


The Wedding Season Event is held from June 1 to June 30, and the event can only be rebroadcast once a day. For time-traveling players, this is no problem at all. However, for those who traditionally play games, a more cautious approach is needed to maximize your return.

Players wanting to receive Heart Crystal rewards must make full use of the fun of the Wedding Season. You only need 265 Heart Crystals to complete the suit. To hold a wedding, various scenes require a lot of Animal Crossing Bells, which is the moment to test you.

Heart Crystal

Players have two main ways to get the maximum personal reward. You can only order 8 products from Cyrus every day, so please don't put all crystals together until the end of the event.

The first one is called set +1. This means that all you need to do is include at least one item from each scene in the shoot, and then select one item from the scene on the wedding day. This method is only effective when all items are unlocked.

In the traditional playing process, during the first 7 days, you will participate in the shooting. Each day you unlock one of the items, you can earn up to 11 Heart Crystals, and the upper limit of the remaining activities is increased to 15.

Another very simple method is to send Wedding Decoration items to spam on the walls and fill the space on the four walls. From the first day, players can use Wedding Decoration items. Players hope to complete the task successfully in this event, and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets & Bells must be essential, ACbellsBuy.com will provide players with a large number of products and sell them at low prices to help players successfully obtain Heart Crystal!