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10% for all ACNH Items | Acbellsbuy coupon enjoy Summer Time — Animal Crossing New Horizons


The Animal Crossing New Horizons summer event has officially begun. During the summer months, we'll bump into new event hosts, DIY recipes, new animal villagers, and even new seasonal item rewards.

The Acbellsbuy coupon is a gift specially prepared for Animal Crossing New Horizons players to welcome the summer event.

Although the Summer in the Animal Crossing series varies by month, as long as it is summer, we will collect cool items like Iced coffee, Sunflower sunglasses, Colorful Juic, etc. from Animal Crossing Items. Buy Animal Crossing Bells is one way to get a list of summer cool items. ACNH Bells are New Horizons' default currency in circulation. Therefore, you can buy most items from the ACNH Shop shelves. But not all AC Items support Bells payment.

The summer environment is where the trees and grass are greenest. This further stimulates players to collect DIY recipe lists, animal villager lists, deep-sea creature lists, Animal Crossing Fish, and more. When you come across items that can't be paid for with Bells, maybe pay with Nook Miles, Nook Miles Tickets, or even Heart Crystals. It depends on the activity requirements.

The time for each event is limited. To better devote yourself to the New Horizons game, you have an even better choice. Just buy Cheap ACNH Items from ACbellsbuy (Acbellsbuy coupon). After the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update, here is the full list of Animal Crossing Items. Including an Ice-cream display, Golden Tools, a DIY recipe list, 2.0 animal villagers, all fossils, all furniture, all drinks, and more. Participate now, and you can also enjoy 10% off of AC items in the low-priced market.